Choosing a Wedding Dress | Making that Perfect Selection

Choosing a Wedding Dress | Making that Perfect Selection

Choosing a Wedding Dress | Making that Perfect Selection 150 150 DUANE


It’s finally happening. You’re about to walk down the aisle to marry your man. That long-time dream is about to come true. Whether you are having a dress made especially for you or shopping for one off-the-rack, it’s still a fun and exciting activity. This article holds ideas that can help make the task of finding that perfect wedding dress easier.

Choosing a Wedding Dress, Plus A Few Accessories Here And There

There’s a wide range of wedding gowns out there to choose from. They come in all sorts of styles, shapes and colors. While out shopping for the dress, consider too how you’ll be wearing your hair on the big day. The wedding dress and the hairstyle must complement each other so your outfit and hair don’t wind up looking disconnected or at odds with one another.

The best advice is to go out shopping with absolutely zero expectations. Admit it – you probably already have a dress picked out in your head that you’d like to get married in. However, it’s a fact that 75 percent of brides bring home something that’s a bit different than the gown they had envisioned wearing on D-day. This is quite understandable. After all, shopping for wedding gowns is super enjoyable. When will you ever get another chance to try on several wedding gowns and experiment with various combinations? Inevitably, you toss out the gown idea you had in favor of what’s in front of you.

Choosing a wedding gown counts among the most expensive undertakings you’ll be experiencing in your life. The selection process will go much smoother with the expert help of people specializing in wedding dresses. They’ll let you try on gown after gown without displaying even an ounce of impatience. However, there are certain places where you’ll have to book ahead to secure appointments. Think Pretty Woman, with Julia Roberts visiting Rodeo Drive and the type of people she had to face. If you’re treated the same way in your area, abandon the idea of buying your gown there altogether. Being hurried or forced into a decision and being treated like second- or third-class citizens is never right.

Don’t stop until you unearth the dress that’s right for you. Try on all the styles until you find the perfect gown. This is the best way to discover which piece will give you the most flattering shape. Continue trying on different bodices and skirts, all-in-one empire lines, strapless, long sleeves, tulle, organza, bias cut, spaghetti straps, silk, short sleeves, off-the-shoulder, without and with petticoats. It’s also not a bad idea to have a few hair clips handy so that you can fix your hair different ways while fitting different dress styles. This way, you learn which goes great with what.

Lots of bridal magazines are in circulation. Consider browsing a few of them prior to heading out wedding dress shopping to get some inspiration. This will familiarize you with the works of different designers, and the fabrics – the shapes, styles and colors available so you’re able to formulate a more solid opinion regarding your preferred wedding dress.

The bridal magazines are also a good source of various wedding hairstyles. It’s best to keep expectations consistent with individual tastes as well as how well it will fit you. Models in magazines look amazing no matter what they have on, something that might not necessarily apply to you. When examining each model’s look, go for those that share your skin tone and facial shape. Don’t be afraid to mix and match wedding gowns and hairstyles. Oftentimes, certain hairdos look awesome on certain wedding dresses.

For example, slender, tall brides look especially attractive in simple silk gowns with short, cropped dos or tousled curls that fall around their neck and face. Strapless wedding dresses meanwhile, look terrific with a fitted-up hairstyle.

Upon arriving at a wedding gown shop, inform the assistants of your preferred dress-type. Once they find the dress, try it on and walk around in it to get a better feel of it. Assistants might also offer suggestions so be open to trying them too. Don’t be too quick to brush their opinions aside. These guys are experts in this field, having handled countless brides in the past. Chances are, they’ll know just by talking to you and observing your overall look what will work best with your particular personality. It doesn’t hurt to be a little adventurous while inside the shop. There’s actually plenty of truth in the saying: “you’ll only know once you try the right one.”

Below are things to consider when choosing a wedding gown:

  1. Do your homework – Take the time to flip      through several wedding magazines – as many as you can. Browse the      Internet. Copy any ideas that appeal to you. Make a note of the shops that      sell such designs and get their contact info – telephone numbers and      complete address.
  2. Keep in mind the time of day – Consider the      wedding time and location while going through various outfits. For outdoor      ceremonies, heavy, long gowns could pose a problem as they’re likely to      get dirty quickly. For ceremonies held indoors during the summer months,      silk or heavy georgettes could wind up feeling furnace-hot.
  3. Inspect the dress every which way – Evaluate      your appearance from all possible angles while fitting different gowns.      Your back has to be just as flattering as the front. Remember guests are      going to be staring at it for most of the ceremony.
  4. Stay close by – From here, decide on the shops      you’ll actually visit. You can’t go wrong with sticking with easily      accessible shops or those in your local neighborhood. Jot down the amount      you’d like to spend on the gown before actually dropping by the stores. It      doesn’t hurt to be practical. As special as the occasion is, the wedding      dress will only be worn one time so there’s really no point going      overboard with the purchase. Going bankrupt for a dress is not rational.
  5. Choose what looks the best – When trying on      wedding dresses, be realistic on what actually looks great on you. The      gown Pink wore on her big day might have been your dream wedding dress,      but here’s the thing: your rear end just isn’t perky enough to pull it      off. It therefore might not be the gown for your special day. If you’re      chunkier than most, deal with it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Stay away      from figure-hugging dresses and go for more loose-fitting garb. For the      skinnier set, pile on layers to create a fuller appearance.
  6. Wow them silly – Purchase a gown that feels      the most comfortable while also making you look beautiful. Knock      everybody’s socks off with your killer gown.

Accessorize, Accessorize

Complete the bridal look with the help of a few wedding accessories. A wedding dress would appear incomplete and too plain without the help of wedding accessories. Here are some wedding accessory must-haves:

  1. Wedding veils – You’ve got to have a wedding      veil. Sure, there are weddings where veils are nowhere in sight on the      bride, but these don’t make for very interesting weddings. The rings, cord      and wedding veil are accessories symbolizing the wedding. Choose a wedding      veil that suits the wedding theme and gown. The old veils were extremely      formal, often measuring some three and a half yards. Today’s veils come in      a variety of lengths. A huge favorite among modern brides is the      shoulder-length flyaway version.
  2. Jewelry – There’s other jewelry pieces to      consider besides the wedding rings. You have the earrings, bracelet and      necklace. Jewelry is worn to complement the dress and not outshine it. See      to it that your jewelry pieces are noticeable, but not enough to draw      attention from the gown. Family heirlooms are considered excellent wedding      accessories, although pearls and diamonds are equally fine too.
  3. Gloves – The sophistication of outfits is      elevated with the help of gloves. These are perfect accessories for      sleeveless or strapless gowns. Rule of thumb: the shorter sleeves are, the  longer the gloves ought to be
  4. Stockings and shoes – The overall look won’t      be complete without  a decent pair      of shoes and stockings. Finding just the right shoes to complement a      particular attire can often be quite the challenge, more so with a wedding      dress. Go for shoes of satin, silk or velvet material. These add a      delicate, formal touch to the occasion. Shoes embellished with pearls,      crystals, sequins or beads will work too. Just see that shoes you purchase      are comfy on your feet as you’ll be wearing them for hours on one of the      most unforgettable moments of your life.
  5. Headpieces – These include headbands, combs,      Juliet caps and back pieces that hold the veil steady. Most headpieces are      adorned with pearls, flowers, beads or crystals to enhance their      attractiveness. While it would seem like such a minor detail, headpieces      actually are capable of making wedding attire pop, making it more      interesting. With elegant headpieces, the bride can do away with the veil      completely. Examples of stand-alone headpieces are crowns, wreaths, bun      wraps, half-crowns and tiaras.
  6. Handbags – Obviously, you shouldn’t carry a      bag during the ceremony or the reception. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to have      a tiny purse around for keeping all the stuff you’ll need, specifically,      makeup for touch-ups. Clutches will do quite nicely. A shoulder bag is too      bulky.

The devil is in the (wedding) details, so they say. In weddings, the smallest details that wedding accessories provide can make a huge difference. This explains why it’s extremely important to pay attention and devote equal time and effort to the wedding accessories you’ll be carrying or wearing on the day of your nuptials, as you would on the wedding wardrobe.