In Search Of The Perfect Wedding Rings

In Search Of The Perfect Wedding Rings

In Search Of The Perfect Wedding Rings 1000 700 DUANE

Two of the much-awaited parts of a wedding ceremony without doubt, are the exchange of “I do’s” and the kiss. Still, another favourite that ranks right up there with saying “I do” and kissing is the putting on of wedding rings between the bride and groom. It is extremely significant in that the ring symbolizes the union of two loving hearts to form one new life. This article touches on a number of wedding ring purchase guidelines that people can use to help them prepare for the big day.

Going Shopping for Wedding Rings

Tradition tells you that brides buy the ring for their grooms, and vice versa. This custom has not gone out of style, it is still practiced today. In fact, men these days have grown even more generous, pulling out all the stops with wedding rings they present to their future brides. Proof positive of this is the huge sparklers you see on celebrities after getting hitched to their men.

Here are some prominent examples: the 10-carat marquis-cut dazzler Michael Douglas gave Catherine Zeta-Jones, the Neil Lane ring Guy Ritchie gave Madonna, and the five-carat Escher-cut diamond stunner Kate Hudson got from hubby Chris Robinson. Of course,  not everyone can match the heights of extravagance celebs go to with wedding rings. Still, that doesn’t mean the perfect wedding ring that’s also affordable isn’t out there.

Nowadays, couples usually shop for their dream wedding together, which makes perfect sense. However, most of them commit the mistake of reining in their budget to free up money to pay for the rings when the exact opposite is what’s supposed to happen. Go for the prettiest and most suitable rings that fit easily within the available budget. It doesn’t necessarily follow that to buy smart, you have to buy expensive.

While picking out a wedding ring sounds super exciting and fun, it’s a lot harder than it looks. Considerable thought goes into doing it. After all, the wedding bands will bind the couple forever and they’ll be wearing them for the rest of their married life. The rings have to be something that both parties will enjoy wearing and never wish to take off.

Before a couple can move on to wedding ring set selection, they must first agree on the budget. They need to figure out how much they can spare for wedding rings. Once they have a number in mind, the couple can now start deciding on the material they prefer the wedding bands to made out of. Materials wedding rings are made of continue to evolve over time. However, those made from the classic 18K or 14K yellow gold remain the most sought after. Engagement and wedding rings that have also maintained their popularity are the gold rings.

White gold wedding rings have also become quite popular given their stylish, modern-looking aura. Plus, white gold pieces go very well with other platinum and silver jewelry and most garment fabrics. What’s not to like?

Another suitable wedding ring material is platinum. It counts among the hardest metals out there so it’s durable and can withstand the wear-and-tear of prolonged use. Since platinum lasts long, it can be the symbol for love that endures, which is perfect for couples wanting a a romantic spin on their wedding ring choice. Platinum rings resemble white gold rings in appearance. Both are stylishly elegant. The priciest wedding rings on the market are those made from platinum. Then again, if couples want something that will last a lifetime, the cost most likely won’t bother them.

With wedding rings for men, titanium is quite popular. Aside from being durable and lightweight, it’s also cheaper than platinum. Titanium rings look a lot like white gold rings, differing only in that titanium rings are extremely light. Its wearer hardly feels it’s there on his finger.

In terms of wedding ring style, the choices range from old-fashioned, traditional bands to the fancier, more elaborate pieces with beads on the edges. Modern two-tone designs are likewise available. Quite the rage these days are the Celtic wedding rings that come engraved with ancient knot workings. Among the classic designs are the solitaire wedding bands that feature a precious stone.

It’s not unusual to find brides wanting matching engagement and wedding rings. This is yet another thing to consider, especially if the bride intends to wear the two rings on the same finger or hand.

When deciding on a wedding ring, the topmost consideration is the budget, then comes the material. Given that the wedding bands will be worn for a long time, going with something that would work extremely well with other jewelry and clothes often worn definitely makes sense. The chosen wedding rings should likewise be comfortable. This way, you never consider removing them even for one second.

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