Choosing the Best Caterer for Your Event

Choosing the Best Caterer for Your Event

Choosing the Best Caterer for Your Event 999 662 DUANE

There may be no other choice that is more influential to a successful party than choosing a caterer for the event.  Therefore, careful research and interviewing techniques should be employed before making the final selection of your professional catering services.  Choose facts over feelings when assessing the abilities of the caterers for your fabulous event.  There are many options of professional services at your disposal.  Some of the caterers may be individuals, others may be larger organizations.  But no matter which type that you choose, all are legally required to utilize a licensed kitchen in preparation of the food choices to be served.  Be wary of the individual who cooks from their home kitchen, then delivers the fare to your gathering.

Choosing a caterer for your party will depend on a few major factors.  Some catering professionals are more adept at planning smaller social gatherings; others are more skilled at coordinating larger functions.  During your interview process, it is best to predetermine the skills set of each catering company.  Ask about previously catered events.  Ask about the number of guests, the types of food, the magnitude of the affair itself.  Ask about examples of unforeseen circumstances that might have occurred during one of their function, and how they dealt with the urgent resulting issues.  By educating yourself on how these catering professionals handle emergent situations may help you to best determine the right caterer for your prestigious party.

Never hire the first caterer you meet.  Shop around.  Get details and estimates.  Even if the caterer comes highly recommended by other friends or associates, your event may be of a completely different genre than theirs.  Therefore, the referred caterer may not be the best suitable for your requirements.  Talk to several catering companies before making your final decision.

Check References.  If the caterer says that they have no references, then don’t even consider that company as a viable option.  This method will not 100% guarantee the perfect choice of a qualified caterer, but is a definitive aid in narrowing down your options.  Ask to inspect their kitchen.  Check for cleanliness issues.  Perhaps attend an affair of theirs prior to hiring the caterer to see if they instill a smooth style of operation in their event planning.

The Good Caterers are booked ahead.  Their schedules are filled for many months in advance.  Hire early, no less than 6 months prior to the affair.  The more time before the party that you can hire the caterer, the better the chance for a smooth running operation.

Once your selection of catering professional is determined, make certain to document every detail from the date, to the menu, to the price.  You don’t want to be left in the lurch on the eve of the party without a professional caterer.  This could end in dire consequences.