Private Catering Menus & Services

Private Catering Menus

Whether you are holding a birthday party for your grandma or a movie premiere dinner party, let Levan’s Catering help you with your private catering affair. Our executive chef has over twenty-five years of experience in the central Florida area and would love to work with you to come up with the perfect menu for your private catering affair. We run our catering service in such a way that you can enjoy your gathering and really feel like a guest at your own party.

Orlando Private CateringOur Team

At Levan’s, our team is made up of chefs, wedding specialists, and wait staff who are professionals at what they do. Our chef’s culinary talents combined with our courteous wait staff will leave you and your private party guests in awe. The chefs that we employ will work hard to make sure that you are happy with what they will be preparing at your social event. Our wait staff will present the food to you and your guests in a courteous, approachable manner. The wedding specialists will make sure that the setup and layout coordinate well with the theme of your affair. Together, they will all help to make your evening special.

Our Versatility

Levan’s Catering has catered affairs for over fifty years and knows that each private catering event is different than the last. Each get-together has a different set of people who are participating with different needs than another get-together. At Levan’s, we want to make sure that whether you want a continental breakfast for your party or a formal seated dinner, we can make it happen. We have the tools, the expertise, and the creativity to make your event an individualized experience for you and for the guests who attend.

Let Levan’s help you achieve the perfect private affair through our professional team, our versatility, and the fact that we have a high goal and will reach it every time. We are here to serve you, so put us to work!