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About Us

Our Passion is Perfection

Levan’s Catering has served the Central Florida Community as well as visiting businesses from around the world for over 50 years catering Weddings, Corporate Events and Conventions. These include Simple Continental Breakfasts, Business Luncheons, Cocktail Receptions, Buffet Dinners, Formal Seated Dinners and Creative Themed Events. Levan’s works hard to earn your trust by learning about us. Our goal is establish a partnership for your event.

Our passion for creating the perfect event has earned us a spot on the list of Premier Caterers in Orlando. We take great pride in developing custom menus, with delicious and imaginative cuisine for each event. Satisfying the most discerning taste while preserving the uniqueness of each clients wishes.

At Levan’s, we know that teamwork is the key to executing a flawless special event. Our team of professionals, chefs and wait staff, will work as one to ensure that your Special Event is exactly as you envisioned.

Seared tuna and vegetables
About Puerto Rican Menus

Versatility Unlimited 

At Levan’s Catering, we are reminded daily of the ever-changing ethnic makeup of our community. We have responded to this by adding, to our standard menus, a variety of ethnic menus from Asia, Columbia, Peru, Mexico and Puerto Rico. We also include menus and styles from California, Texas and the Northern states of the USA.

Our team of chefs and party professionals will work to be sure that the vision of your event becomes a reality. We realize that this is a very special occasion, and will always respond quickly and appropriately to your requests or concerns. Working together will ensure that every detail will be addressed.

Performance Unmatched

You can count on Levan’s to go far beyond the ordinary when planning your special event. No matter its size or complexity, Levan’s coordinators are available to assist in the planning process. This includes a complete private taste test; a walk through at the event site; decorating sessions; a final meeting and more.

With this accomplished, you will enjoy the freedom to concentrate on your guests or other responsibilities during your event: leaving the catering to us.

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