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Hosting a corporate catering event comes with much responsibility. You have to coordinate the venue, the food, the entertainment, the invitations, and much, much more for your event to be a success. Rather than trying to do it all on your own, let Levan’s help you with the food. We have catered many Corporate Catering events in Orlando and the surrounding area and have helped to lessen the stress of many hosts who have the responsibility of coordinating so much for their events.
For more than fifty years, Levan’s has provided corporate catering services to businesses in the Central Florida area, as well as corporations who are visiting the area from all around the world. With our extensive experience and knowledge in the catering business, we can provide your corporation with many services ranging from a continental breakfast to an informal luncheon buffet, to a formal sit-down dinner. Our team is dedicated to providing you a unique experience and we will work around your themed event to make your catering experience just perfect. Whether you want a large banquet or a small buffet, we will make it happen for you and make sure that it is exactly as you want it.
To maintain the reputation of your company, you can count on Levan’s to go above and beyond what you envision your corporate event will be like. We work hard so that you can relax a little bit and take care of other matters for your event. We want to be a partner with you so that we have the same vision and will work toward your same goals. We will sit down with you to discuss the details of your event and how you want it all to go. We will talk with you about the theme of your event and will offer suggestions that will go along with your theme. With the same vision and goals in mind, we are confident that your corporate event will turn out perfectly and that you will impress your colleagues, work associates, and perhaps even potential clients.
Before you begin planning your next corporate event, sit down and figure out what responsibilities you can hand over to someone else. At Levan’s we want to be a part of your event and help to lessen your load by taking care of all your catering needs. We want to make sure that you are successful and know that an impressive event can surely help the success of your business. Let us cater your event and help you to create the most incredible event ever!

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