Choosing Event Suppliers Or Vendors The Smart Way

Choosing Event Suppliers Or Vendors The Smart Way

Choosing Event Suppliers Or Vendors The Smart Way 150 150 DUANE

Choosing Event Suppliers Or Vendors The Smart Way

People planning events need to know that in order for them to be great, they have to be linked with the right sellers or vendors that can truly assist them. The world out there is filled with people who are only too willing to take people’s money. That’s why it’s important that you protect yourself as well as your event when deciding to tap them.

Who doesn’t want the event they planned to be perfect? It’s everyone’s goal to have their event be the best it can be no matter the reason. Granted it’s seldom easy, however, it’s still something people must take seriously if they want to ensure they get the most out of their money. Of course, getting one’s money’s worth has to go hand in hand with putting on an amazing event.

Event Suppliers Wanted

Check out the stores around you to find out the prices of stuff you require. For instance, if your event calls for 60 tablecloths, resist the urge to get them all at the first shop you encounter. Phone at least four suppliers and inquire about their prices for such items. The items could just be $2 less at a different store plus free shipping, compared to forking over $2 more per tablecloth and having to pay for shipping.

Go for items that can be reused for other occasions or events. Return to the tablecloth order example earlier. Can the items be laundered cheaply, and reused for various events? Thinking reusable is smart if you intend on becoming event planners or will put together several different events in the coming years or months. It might seem more expensive upfront to use tablecloth rather than paper, but consider the number of times they can be used again and the price to be paid every time if paper were used. Keep in mind, paper has no place in ingenious events and affairs. You might wind up purchasing paper tablecloths for six events and still having to buy linens for other events.

Suppliers can be deal-breakers. They can make an event successful or be responsible for ruining it – all simply by standing you up. Maintain a local supplies list. This way, if a certain supplier is a no-show or does not ship, you can easily buy what’s needed elsewhere minus having to wait. Remember – always have a backup plan.

Say you ordered 150 yellow and pink paper tablecloths over the Internet. See to it that they’re available locally somewhere, like within 40 miles, even if they’re more expensive. This way, if a supplier does not show up or ship the items and it’s the actual event day, you can ask someone to run for the backup and obtain what’s needed. Never allow anybody to block your way toward success.

Holding people to what was ordered or to the agreed-upon contracts is important. If a person ordered 200 blue cloth napkins and 80 gray napkins for the centerpieces, and the products were shipped but in amounts that were backwards, contact the supplier. Demand a sizeable discount. Tell them if they refuse, the shipment won’t be accepted. Make sure you get your point across in no uncertain terms.

If some items are wrong, secure a discount. This way, you get your money back on the whole deal. Be firm when dealing with vendors. Remember – you’re the customer, and as such, you can’t be forced to pay for anything that isn’t right. Make the suppliers or vendors earn their keep.

Suppliers and vendors that are always delayed or late should be avoided. Steer clear of suppliers that don’t deliver exactly what was ordered and in the amounts that were specified. Maintain a list of vendors or suppliers that will keep you on track with everything – from food to tables to forks to candles and lighting. Never forget where you got the items most recently, and have info for at least one other vendor for the same item so that your event doesn’t fall short on supplies and everything goes smoothly.