A Couples Resort That Couples Love

A Couples Resort That Couples Love

A Couples Resort That Couples Love 1133 551 DUANE

Strike out on your own on an energetic hike that features amazing vistas or join other couples in a beautiful swimming pool. Our popular, very accommodating couples resort offers all the amenities and fun that couples love.

From scuba diving to sailing and everything in between, Rendezvous is more than just a beautiful island paradise; it is also a place of serenity, beauty and passion. You will experience the best of what we have to offer and take exciting, romantic memories back home with you. Our Rendezvous will become your favorite rendezvous. Many couples come back every year to renew their romantic honeymoon experience; don’t be surprised when you decide to do the same.

Our beaches are pristine and our azure ocean waters are clear, clean and uncrowded. You will discover your special place on earth right here between the big, bright moon and our sparkling, soft sandy beaches.

Discrete, elegant and ultra comfortable, our couples resort is just the kind of place you write home about, but probably won’t; you’ll want this secret romantic getaway to remain your own special place. You will not want to share your special Eden with anybody but the one you love, the one with whom you will spend each moment here, basking in your love and the perfection of island life.

Here is one secret we will share with you; our October rates include a 40 percent discount! Now, that is something you can smile about. You and your partner now have an even better reason to discover your own personal Eden. We’ll see you on the beach.

For more information contact our friends at Rendezous Resorts Tel: (Toll free) 800-544-2883 or
973-940-0441, Fax: 973-940-0551. To visit there website click here.

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