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Deciding On a Wedding Theme

Deciding On a Wedding Theme

Deciding On a Wedding Theme 1000 584 DUANE

Without a doubt, some of the enjoyable choices a couple will make throughout the means of planning a wedding is selecting a theme for the wedding. It’s not vital to decide on a theme to your wedding however it can certainly help to give the wedding a more defined personality. Additionally, having a specific theme for the wedding could make it rather more enjoyable for the guests. This article will provide some information on how a couple can combine a theme into all elements of their wedding and will provide some recommendation on selecting a theme.

Couples who wish to incorporate a specific theme into their wedding plans should decide early on within the wedding planning process about the kind of theme they want to have. It is important to make this decision early because most couples begin shopping around for invitations, thank you cards and personal stationary approximately 5 to seven months earlier than the wedding date. This will give the couple plenty of time to select these items, organize them and have them delivered in time to send the invitations out a minimum of three months before the wedding date. Choosing wedding invitations that coordinate with the theme of the wedding will give guests a sneak peek of what to expect at the wedding.

If the wedding invites can be used to give guests a preview of the theme for the wedding the favors can be used to send guests home with a memento of the wedding which will always remind them of the theme. Including the theme of the wedding into the favor for the guests is a strong recommendation because it helps to create a memory for the guests. When favors are chosen with lack of thought or consideration they’re often discarded shortly after the wedding. However, when the favors are chosen carefully to be refined reminders of the wedding the guests are more likely to hold onto these items.

From the invitations to the favors there are various opportunities for the couple to tie the different elements together to coordinate with the theme. The bride’s gown, the groom’s attire, the cake, the place settings, the music, the meals and the floral arrangements can all be tailored to really match the theme of the wedding and create a sense of cohesion. The couple must decide how many of these elements they want to incorporate into the theme. It is possible to allow the theme to extend to all elements of the wedding without appearing cheesy however is also easy to overdue the theme. For this reason, the couple should be careful to avoid making tacky decisions.

Finally, while discovering ways to incorporate a theme into every aspect of the wedding may not be difficult many find selecting a theme to be a considerably more difficult decision. The best advice we can offer is for the couple to select a theme that is truly significant to them. This is important because as much as the couple wants the guests to have an excellent time the wedding is for the couple and they will be regretful of their decision if they don’t remain true to themselves. We also recommend selecting a theme which will be simple to incorporate into several different elements of the wedding. This is important because an obscure theme may sound like a terrific idea but if the couple is not able to find more than a few arranged design elements the guests may not even be able to determine whether there was a theme to the wedding.

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