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Levan's Mexican Catering Menus

Mexican Catering Menus

Planning a corporate event or any type of social gathering can be hectic. Not only does it require careful selection of the right date, time and venue, but it is particularly important that you provide food and entertainment that will be enjoyable for your guests. Right now, Mexican food is becoming an increasingly popular choice for catered events. With its spicy blend of flavors, Mexican food tastes great and is fun to eat. Whether you are planning a themed fiesta, complete with sombreros and piñatas, or something a little bit more formal, Mexican food is a great choice.

Top Mexican Catering Dishes

If your repertoire of Mexican food consists of nachos and burritos, you probably have some questions about which Mexican dishes are right for your event. Mexican food is famous for its authentic use of chilies, peppers, onions and many different spices for a unique flavor and a splash of color. When you select Levan’s Catering, you will have many options to choose from. Having been in business since 1952, our chefs have spent years selecting and refining some of the tastiest recipes from south of the border.

When you decide on the food for your event, you can select dishes that are very spicy or dishes that are relatively mild, depending on the preferences of people who will be in attendance. One of the most common elements of a Mexican Catering menu is corn. This Mexican staple is an important part of nearly every dish. Corn can be ground into a masa, or dough, and made into tortillas and served as part of tacos, enchiladas, and other dishes. It is also the primary ingredient for tamales.

With such a varied list of options on the menu, you can’t go wrong when you choose to serve Mexican food at your event.

Mexican Beverages

Pairing the right drinks with Mexican cuisine can really make or break a meal. There are a number of beverages that are native to Mexico and are extremely popular. In addition to tequila, mescal, and others, there are a number of natural drinks that do not contain alcohol. Horchata, a rice-based drink flavored with cinnamon, is one of the most popular. In Mexico, freshly squeezed fruit juices are also very popular.

If you are looking for a medley of delicious food and drink for your special event, we provide a vast array of authentic Mexican menu selections that your guests will love. Whether you have been a connoisseur of Mexican cuisine for years, or are just beginning to appreciate the variety of delicious dishes from this part of the world, you will love the menu options that we provide. – Mexican Catering Menus from Levan’s