Levan's Puerto Rican Catering Menus

Puerto Rican Catering Menus

As you plan your special event, choosing a catering company is one of the most important steps. Here at Levan’s, we specialize in helping to create an enjoyable and memorable experience. With a huge selection of menu items, we work with you to design a unique menu that is perfect for your guests. Having been in the catering business since 1952, we have helped with many of the most extravagant and important events in Orlando. Because catering is our passion, we go the extra mile for every event, whether your guest list is large or small.

A Unique Experience

One of the challenges that people face when they choose a catering company is finding one that has a selection of food that will make their event stand out. Our company promises that the food we serve will be flavorful and interesting. We specialize in creating an experience, rather than just serving a meal. That is why we offer food from all over the world. With chefs that are experts in many varieties of ethnic food, we have created menus that will match your event theme perfectly. As your guests walk into the room and taste food from our Puerto Rican menu, they will feel as if they have left Orlando and have walked into an authentic Puerto Rican celebration.

Puerto Rico Catering has a rich heritage that is reflected in its cuisine. With influences from the Taino people, who are indigenous to the area, the food has robust and traditional flavors that have been added to by Spanish and African explorers over time. Native Puerto Rican spices give this food a flavor that has become popular in many surrounding islands and cultures.

How to Start

Whether you have enjoyed Puerto Rican Catering selections for years, or you are somewhat new to this unique and tasty cuisine, we make it easy to choose dishes that will delight your guests. As you plan your event, you will have the opportunity to work with our party coordinators, who will attentively listen to your needs and are highly knowledgeable regarding our menus and the options that are available. We can offer suggestions for your menu and presentation if you don’t know where to start.

Not only will we ensure that the food at your event is excellent, but we take the time to develop a presentation that will perfectly suit your Puerto Rican theme. Our event coordinators will help you make your vision of the event a reality, working to make everything go smoothly so that you can relax and enjoy the experience.