Wedding Guest List | Deciding On People To Invite To The Wedding

Wedding Guest List | Deciding On People To Invite To The Wedding

Wedding Guest List | Deciding On People To Invite To The Wedding 999 665 DUANE

Here’s a typical wedding scenario. In terms of wedding guests, the two of you went with an even 150. However, you later realized that between you two, there’s some 400 people you wish to invite. Uh-oh. What do you do now? Clearly, the guest list is one of the most delicate and frustrating wedding planning aspects.

The question of who has to be there to witness this momentous occasion is something that families rarely see eye to eye on. Even with fairytale weddings, where funds are overflowing, they still have their share of limits. Oftentimes, what happens is the end-result sees several prospective guests being cut out, never making it onto the final listing of invited guests. While it might seem like the most devastating thing in the world at the time, not getting invited isn’t that earth-shatteringly tragic for most people.

The Guest List – Who Is In And Who Is Out

Putting together a guest list should happen during the initial stages of wedding planning. It doesn’t have to be a fixed number, but a ballpark figure of the headcount would be nice. How many guests are invited to the wedding will greatly impact the nuptials budget. After all, these guys are your guests and every single person must be properly accommodated. There’s the invitations that need to be sent out, adequate food, a venue big enough so guests don’t feel cramped, and, if there are out-of-towners, overnight lodgings will have to be prepared too. Given an average food cost per guest of $25, feeding every four individuals will run up to roughly $100.

Guests are important to a wedding. If you’re not eloping, you should know that weddings call for guests. Start thinking about who will attend the event. Obviously, the couple tying the knot will be there. Add to the guest list the immediate family – dads, moms, step-parents, sisters, brothers and grandparents. These are all musts, unless there are personal issues that say otherwise. Based on the previous estimate, the couple is already plunking some $300 just on this one guest group alone. Suddenly the 400 guests seem unreasonable, doesn’t it and you’re beginning to rethink that number?

Tradition dictates the need for wedding attendants so add them to the guest list too. The best man and matron or maid of honor are the minimum requirements. Personal preference will decide the number of ushers and bridesmaids. Although the attendants will shoulder costs associated with their outfits, your budget will still feel their presence. Remember – they’ll show up at rehearsal dinners and you’re expected to spring for their meals. Each attendant also traditionally receives a gift from the wedding couple, a token of the couple’s appreciation for them. More attendants therefore means more gifts bought. There’s also the transportation expenses to consider with a bigger number of attendants.

Once done with the basics, move on to adding co-workers, parents’ friends, extended family, friends, business associates and more to the guest list. Put down the names of everybody you’re thinking of inviting and assess things. From here, get a red pen and edit the list, continuing until you reach a manageable figure that’s within the specified budget.

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