Cocktail Wedding Menus

Cocktail Wedding Menus

Levan’s Catering is made of a team of individuals with diverse talents and an unmatched passion for excellence. We are driven by a desire to utilize our skills to craft catered events that are as unique as our clients. Since our inception in the early ’50s the company has remained at the forefront of the special events industry by providing an incredibly diverse client base with exceptional food coupled with a unique focus on detail. Each client is an individual and is treated with personal, hands-on service at each and every step in the process, from the initial inquiry to the follow-up after the event.

Cocktail Wedding MenusEveryone dreams of the perfect wedding: An affair to culminate the expression of love, and the perfect celebration to mark the joining of two families into one. From venue selection to customized menu design and décor conceptualization, Levan’s will work with you, your family and your budget to create this once-in-a-lifetime event. Levan’s staff will go out of their way to achieve your desired wedding.

Today, Levan’s Catering offers the latest, newest, and innovative fresh ideas for your wedding. Our wedding reception ideas, together with our truly magnificent food and presentation are just one more reason we are referred to year after year by families, event planners, and corporations alike. At Levan’s Catering, we believe anything is possible. Let us help you plan your wedding to create the statement and or memories you want. Levan’s Catering has many years of experience in delivering high-quality wedding catering throughout Orlando and the Central Florida Area, Whether you have already selected a location or would like us to help you find the perfect wedding venue, our menus and services are designed to give you great choice and flexibility in the style of food that you choose such as cocktail wedding menus.

The process begins with a 1st consultation and taste based on the information provided to us through the initial inquiry. After that, you will receive your 1st draft of contract which will be tailored to suit individual requirements and will detail a menu suggestion along with a clear breakdown of all additional costs. The next step would be to arrange a walkthrough preferably at your chosen wedding venue, which will give us an opportunity to determine access, layout and venue facilities. As a specialist marquee caterer, we can work in many different and difficult environments and guarantee that whatever menu you choose, it will be presented to our exacting standards. Once you have confirmed the booking, we will have you back at our facility for a 2nd Taste and China and Linen Session. This gives you an opportunity to finalize your food, discuss the finer details of your event and to see our decorating concept first hand.

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Levan’s Catering Venue Spotlight

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