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Corporate Seated Menus

Corporate Seated Menus – Corporate Catering Orlando

Hosting a corporate event with a seated dinner comes with much responsibility. You have to coordinate the venue, the food, the entertainment, the invitations, and much, much more in order for your event to be a success. Rather than trying to do it all on your own, let Levan’s help you with the food and there’s no better place to start than our Corporate Seated Menus selection.

*             Levan’s Corporate Seated Dinner Planner like all of our planners its designed to give you a complete list of options when planning a corporate event with Levan’s Catering. The corporate seated dinner planner can be used when your developing your corporate seated dinner menu from scratch or can be used to substitute items from the sample menus provided.  For those who find this planner a little overwhelming or simply too many options for their event, the Levan’s Corporate Sample Seated Planner was created just for you.

*             Sample Menu 1 – Levan’s Corporate Dual Entree Seated Dinner Menu begins with butlered hors d’oeuvres shrimp shooters, chicken pot stickers, brie with raspberries en croute and feta & sun-dried tomato phyllo purses. The seated dinner begins with spinach salad and next the dual entree dinner boasts a roasted 4oz filet mignon, sautéed seafood in tortilla boat, rosemary garlic potatoes and sautéed asparagus, of course, your choice of dessert and more.

*             Sample Menu 2 – Levan’s All Seasons Corporate Seated Dinner Menu is a perfect choice for the host of corporate seated dinners often needing a season conscious menu. The cocktail hours includes the perfect fig, spanakopita nuggets, tomato bruschetta and mini crab cakes. The seated dinner serves a dual entree starting with a strawberry avocado salad with mandarin oranges, then honey-pepper salmon, grilled beef tournedos, grilled asparagus, hundred layer potato gratin and more. The evening meal is capped with of a selection of desserts from Levan’s list of decant desserts.

*             Sample Menu 3 – Levan’s Corporate Traditional Seated Dinner Menu is always a hit and designed for time and tradition with a tossed garden salad, 4 oz. fillet mignon, chicken marsala or sautéed chicken scaloppini in a mushroom sauce served with double-stuffed cheddar potatoes, steamed broccoli seasoned with fresh herbs and your choice from our desserts menu.

*             Levan’s Decadent Desserts enhance any corporate buffet menu and at Levan’s Catering, we offer many different station options. From a carving station with turkey, ham, beef, or pork to a pasta station with penne and ravioli. An Asian noodle bar containing many different sauces to a mini burger station with multiple burger fixings! No matter what type of event you need catering, we can take care of it with our many different chef attended stations.