316 Days to Design


231 Days To Develop


60 Days To Deploy

The Beta Has Begun - Enterprise Event Planning Is Here!

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    COLABORATE: Levan's New Customer Portal System

    Our new enterprise customer portal system creates a secure encrypted digital gateway to a collaborative suite of event planning resources and tools while managing communications, appointments, documentation and financials etc. Real time event planning, with direct access to your account and information, available anytime that's good for you.

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    PLANNING: Our New Cloud Document Library and Menu Archive

    A decade of event planning data in our cloud library up to our current document set for planning your event is in Beta. It also contains a multitude of planning resources including our historical menus archive with hundreds of menus from past events. You asked, we listened and created a perfect place to exercise your imagination when planning your next event.

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    COMMUNICATE: New Site Integrated Live Chat From Our Dynamics Network

    Live chat completes our goal to to be accessible across every platform and on every device clients use today to communicate. Managed on our dynamics network utilized by our staff ensures they have up to the minute and complete information whenever they are assisting clients. This service is soon to be available during and after operating hours providing you live assistance 24/7 - 365 days a year.

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    SECURITY: Dynamic Documents From Planning to Payments

    With our dynamic documents set, you can in portal or out of portal submit completed forms, sign contracts and make payments etc across our encrypted SSL network.