Firing Your Wedding Planner

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Let’s face it; hiring a wedding planner could be very useful. It can help to make the entire process of planning a wedding much simpler and can alleviate an excessive…

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Wedding Favors - Levan's Catering

Favors for Your Wedding

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Giving out wedding favors is an excellent way for to show their appreciation to the guests who attended their wedding. These small gifts should be chosen to be meaningful and…

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Fall Wedding Decorations - Levan's Catering

Fall Wedding Decorations Can Spice Up Your Marriage Ceremony

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Planning fall wedding decorations might be one of the hardest issues to do when you don’t take the beauty and ambiance of fall into consideration. Each season (together with fall)…

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Desigining Your Werdding Cake - Levan's Catering

Designing Your Wedding Cake

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Importance of Your Wedding Cake A large amount of brides agree that selecting a cake designer and designing the perfect wedding cake is important decision the bride will make. They…

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Deciding On a Wedding Theme - Levan's Catering

Deciding On a Wedding Theme

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Without a doubt, some of the enjoyable choices a couple will make throughout the means of planning a wedding is selecting a theme for the wedding. It’s not vital to…

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

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You’ve gotten engaged, set a wedding date, and now you’ll want to find a photographer. Despite everything, you need to have a wedding album to have a look at years…

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Lake Mary Events Center - Levan's Catering

Lake Mary Events Center

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The Lake Mary Events Center is a premier Central Florida event venue. Located on the coast of West Crystal Lake, the Events Center provides the perfect place for business meetings,…

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